Coffee Latte Table Runner

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  • This Coffee themed Table Runner is a beautiful runner.  It has a pretty brown background. The runner is a gorgeous display of cups of coffee…this is perfect for a coffee bar.

  •  These runners will add style to your table decor.  My Runners come in such a variety of colors and themes, they definitely will brighten your tablescaping.


  • The use of table runners can cover a variety of situations. They definitely help protect your furniture from hot plates, condensation or spills.  They can add flair to a dinner party. Table runners can be cute, festive or they can take on any Decour you’re trying to achieve with your setting.


  • All of my runners are backed with pre-quilted fabric. This backing includes a thin layer of batting, which adds stability to the runners without adding extra bulkiness. This backing also assists in protecting your furniture. As shown in my images, and unless otherwise noted, I use neutral colors in these backings. The shade of the color in the backing of different runners  may vary slightly from what is shown.


  • All my products are serged around the edges.  This is a 4 thread system.  This method provides a sturdy and decorative edging to the products.


  • All my products are 100% handmade in the United States.


  • All my products are machine washable and can be machine dried.



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