About Us

Hello and Welcome to Placemats & More, 

My name is Cheryl, and I love to sew, seriously it is a passion of mine.

How did I get into this craft you might ask, I inherited this love and ability from my mom. I was lucky to have her wisdom and knowledge passed  on to me.

One of my favorite pastimes is looking for new fabrics. I will stop at any fabric store I pass to see what I can find. (Is fabric shopping a hobby? If not it really should be) 

As you scroll through my page, you will see I have many many designs and patterns to choose from. Whether you find something in my stash that you absolutely MUST have or are looking for something specific that I may not have, I am always happy to accommodate!  

So sit back, scroll through my page, and if I can help you with anything please reach out to me, my door is always open!


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