Welcome to my VIP Club

Hi there,

Thank you so much for joining my VIP Club…..If you love home decor, this is the place for you….I have some exciting stuff to share with you.  The first thing I have, as a way of saying thank you, is $10 off your first order.  At checkout, just enter VIP.  Just go to www.placematsandmore.com

Here is what you can expect from joining :

1.Emails once or twice a week….These will not be long emails.  They will be sent to you to keep you updated on happening in my shop…

2.However, if I am running a promotion  you may receive a services of emails.   I send these to assure you don’t miss out on these great promotions.

3.I also have stuff happening over on my FB page occasionally.  So I’ll send an email out with that information…you can also follow my FB page @ www.Facebook.com/placematsandmore/ 

4. Finally, you can unsubscribe at any time  but do you really want to miss out on my table decor???


Have a wonderful day…







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